Residential Valuations

A valuation is designed to confirm to your lender whether or not the property represents suitable security for your mortgage. It might recommend a retention on part of the loan due to defects in the property but is based on a limited inspection and should not be regarded as a survey report on the structure of the house.?

Commercial Valuations

Commercial valuations are undertaken for businesses or individuals acquiring commercial property. Also many Banks and Lenders require them when securing finance for business. Commercial Valuations are also undertaken in instances for Accounts and Tax calculations.

Homebuyers Report

A form of report designed specifically for post 1900 properties presented in an easy to read format with standard headings and written in a non- technical way. This report is less costly and less detailed than a building survey. It will enable you to make a reasoned and informed judgment on whether to proceed asses whether the price is reasonable and will provide a clear indication of major defects.

Building Surveys

Often referred to as a "structural survey" or a "full survey" this is a visual survey appropriate to all building types.

It aims to provide maximum confidence and assurance and is the most detailed of our standard reports. It is an in depth report written in a free text format and tailored to the individual property or client where required.

We get to all parts that we can reach from the ground floors fixed stairs or other vantage points. The surveyor will carry a four-metre ladder and we will open all available/known access hatches and traps and manholes etc. that we can get to safely.
The building survey covers:

1. Detailed information on construction.
2. Technical advice on problems
3. Recommendations on remedial work.
4. Advice on future maintenance.
5. Post report consultation.
6. Custom made to meet your needs.

Unfortunately we do not have x ray eyes and vendors don't take kindly to us ripping their buildings apart so there will be hidden parts that we can't get to. Even so we are trained to tell you if we suspect hidden defects.

The report format is a detailed document often running to approximately thirty pages.

A building survey is "hand crafted" for each individual property identifying how it is constructed what condition it is in now reasons for problems and recommendations for current and future maintenance.