Feedback on Chamberlains Surveyors Ltd

Thank you for emailing this report. I am very pleased with the quality and depth of information in the survey and please pass on my appreciation to the individual surveyor. In view of the detail of this report I have decided not to proceed with the purchase of this property. This service has really helped me fully understand the additional financial investments required and has saved me from proceeding with a purchase that would not be ideal for my needs. Thanks again and best wishes 


Thank you so much for forwarding the report so promptly, especially as the survey was only carried out today. Both myself and my wife have not had such a comprehensive report and appreciate the professionalism in the manner in which this survey has been carried out and delivered. Regrettably in light of this report, we will no longer be proceeding with the purchase of the property as the amount of work that needs to be done potentially exceeds our budget.  We will, however, arrange our next survey with yourselves when we find another property we wish to purchase. Please could you pass on our sincere thanks for all those involved in the arrangement, execution and delivery of this report.

Andrew Gent

  Thank you for getting back to us.  All clarified and of great help with progressing our purchase.    Again, many thanks for your services, we will recommend Chamberlains if given the opportunity to do so.

Bev & Ralph Cooper

I chose Chamberlains because although they were a further distance away and not local and I was concerned about them not having local knowledge, they were able to fit me in a bit quicker than other companies. So its not just price that makes your decision its availability as well which will be a deciding factor when you need to be acting promptly if you are trying to buy a house and not hold up the chain. In the end local knowledge wasnt needed as I wasnt really concerned about the valuation I was more concerned about its condition which a surveyor who doesnt have local knowledge about prices can still do. Thanks


The website was quick and easy. I followed up with Chamberlains. Just paid them and waiting for the reports, more than pleased with service so far. I would recommend and use again

V Field

Website worked well - user friendly. Subsequent order placed with Chamberlains Surveyors Ltd - good price, locally known and businesslike approach. Homebuyers Report carried out on the Tuesday following the request being made 4 working days later - very quick considering it was Easter weekend! Report was received by us 2 working days later - brilliant!
The report was clear, confirmed issues we had anticipated and raised a number of new ones. Very helpful.
Delighted with the process from start to finish. Highly recommended and at one tenth of one percent of the cost of the house is worth every penny in its ability to prevent you making a very expensive mistake. Thanks

R Brewster

I booked a survey with Chamberlains after viewing your site and got a good discount going via your site than direct to the firm. The work was carried out in a good time frame with excellent communication from Chamberlains. The report was excellent.
Based on my experience I would definitely use your service again and would recommend you to other clients. Thank you

M McCawley

I was happy with the way the website operated. I placed an order with chaimberlains who was one of the five whos details you gave me. The work was carried out very swiftly, i thought the report was indepth and actually in a language i could understand as i was worried i wouldnt be able to make head nor tail of it. I spoke to the actual surveyor a couple of times to ask him questions about points in the survey and he was always contactable and helpful with his answers. I am pleased i used your services as it saved me time and hassle ringing around and it also provided me with a very reasonable quote from a company who have been very good. Thanks for your services

H. Cooney

I was very satisfied with your website, I used the services of Chamberlains and was very satisfied with the price and there friendly and efficient professionalism

Steven H

The web site worked well and I used Chamberlaine's Surveyors. Their service was very quick - I managed to phone the company same day but it was out of hours on a Friday, so I left a message and they called me back the following Monday. I instructed them then; received an invoice Tuesday; paid it the same night by transfer; and received the report on Thursday by email. The written report came by post a week later.

K. Muflahi

Found the web site extremely helpful, just two minutes and received three quotes one of which i have already used, Chamberlains was my choice and received a very clear detailed report within six days... Thank you for your assistance.


The website worked satisfactorily, We used Chamberlains Surveyors Ltd and the work was completed satisfactorily Thank you

Geoffrey M

The website operated satisfactorily. I placed an order with Chamberlains Surveyors. The work was satisfactory. An efficient and professional service.


needed a homebuyers report, was given 3 quotes from three different companies, i chose chamberlains surveyors very good value, internet price matched final bill very pleased would recommend to friends and family


I used Stewart at Chamberlains - very good and quick - was grateful and satisfied with the response - good web site. He was the cheapest but others contacted me as well so efficient service.

M Allen

The website operated fine. Quotes were emailed to me very quickly. We followed up with Chamberlains Surveyors who confirmed the quoted price as correct heavily discounted from their usual fee.
The work was carried out on the next working day after instruction and the thorough and professional report was emailed to us minutes after we had completed payment for the service - possibly the only level of good service we have experienced from the various companies during this house move so far!

A Hood

The website worked well and I received several emails and a phone call very quickly. I used Chamberlains and they were 1st class. Courteous, competent and quick.Very thorough. If you had a star rating others could use it to judge which surveyors to use apart from price. I would give chamberlains 5

A Telling

The website operated very efficiently. Order placed with Chamberlains Surveyors, Birmingham. The survey was carried out quickly and efficiently. Good value.
I was very happy with the results, I did use one of the ones recommended Chamberlains and I was very impressed with the efficiency and speed of the work carried out. We received the survey by e-mail the day after it was carried out and then the original arrived in the post the following day. Their fees were very competitive. Thank you
The website operated satisfactorily. I had a Homebuyers report undertaken by Chamberlains. I chose them because they offered the best price but were also closest to my proposed purchase so I felt they would be most in tune with local property valuations. The report was satisfactory.?

Katie, Birmingham

We used Chamberlains Surveyors and had excellent service from Stewart Sherman.  He went out quickly to the address, and afterwards willingly discussed our further queries which we had. Pleasant, amenable man.The price was also really good compared to the Building Society quote for an identical survey.

Kerry, Birmingham

The website worked very well for me. I chose Mr Stewart Sherman of Chamberlain Surveyors Ltd. He was on the job within 5 days and reported back immediately. His home buyers survey was excellent and persuaded me not to go ahead with the intended purchase because of the decayed state of the fabric of which I was hitherto unaware. Your internet survey and Mr Sherman's response were much appreciated.

David, Startford-on-Avon, Warwickshire